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Open Application - Developer

Trondheim, Norway

Job Type

Part Time (25%)

About the Role

As a Developer you will work together with the rest of the Engineering team to develop our digital tools to build sustainability models. This is a true engineering challenge as we envision a system where millions of datapoints are used to find out what is really sustainable. A workload of 10 hours/week is expected and the position is paid.

We have large ambitions for growth and are continously looking for talented people to join.


TERRAVERA connects the questions and challenges business have with insights and knowledge from academia. We also provide the digital tools to collaborativly find the answers by modelling sustainability.

We are a non-profit tech foundation founded in 2020. We are on a mission to represent real sustainability by modelling the world as it is. We collaborate to make sustainability insights available, understandable, and transparent.

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