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Job Type

Full Time (100%)

About the Role

Business Manager (Næringslivsansvarlig) at Terravera Foundation.

We are seeking a highly motivated and technologically proficient individual to join our foundation and contribute towards our mission of fostering collaborations with the business sector. Presently, we have forged alliances with over 40 partners from diverse industries, including esteemed organizations such as PwC, DNB, BIR, Laerdal Medical, and EY, among others, who participate in our business program. Moreover, companies such as Jotun, DOF, Norwegian, and Vestlands Fylkeskommune utilize our technology platform to engage in advanced sustainability modeling.

We would prefer an individual with a technical background, for example an Industrial Economics degree from NTNU, who possesses exemplary skills in engaging with leadership teams and boards at the CxO level. We welcome applicants from all age groups, and encourage women to apply for this position.


  • Establish and cultivate relationships with the business sector to initiate new partnerships.

  • Engage in dialogue with decision-makers in leading Norwegian firms to identify collaboration opportunities.

  • Negotiate and execute agreements that align with the foundation's values and vision.

The compensation package for this position is competitive and will be determined based on the candidate's experience and qualifications.

Although the workplace is flexible, the role may require some travel, particularly if the individual is not based in Bergen.

Applications are assessed continuously. To apply, send a CV and cover letter to


TERRAVERA connects the problems businesses have with insight and knowledge from academia. We also create digital tools to find the answers to these issues by modeling sustainability.

We are a non-profit technology foundation founded in 2020. We are on a mission to represent true sustainability by modeling the world as it is. We work together to make sustainability insights accessible, comprehensible and transparent. We create competitiveness for businesses by documenting how sustainable their products and services are. Fact based, objectively and including the entire value chain.

- The world needs a rapid green transition, and we have no time to lose. We need more knowledge about what is sustainable. NTNU and Terravera Foundation have therefore established a research collaboration to make real and objective sustainability measurements possible. This is ground-breaking work, says Anne Borg, rector at NTNU.

Read or listen more about Terravera (in Norwegian):

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