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Mestergruppen - Scandinavias largest concern within building materials trade, house chain operation for housing contractors and property development.

In cooperation with Mestergruppen we work with general sustainability models for the building of a garage. How much CO2-emissions will there be related to the production of different kinds of concrete, raw materials etc?

In this pilot we started by preparing a general model description of a garage that a consumer/builder could use to be able to consider the sustainability footprint before building. A student team from NHH stood for the data collection and development of the model description.

Mestergruppen can now use this description internally to compare their different models for garage buildings. They can also enter the indicator values to their customers and make it easier for them to make more sustainable decisions. Customers will immediately be able to separate one building set from another, in the same way as you would the normal parameters, liks price and looks of the finished project.

We started by comparing the industry standard for concrete (Concrete tybe B35) with Low Carbon A (Concrete type B35).

Check out the model here:

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