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DOF recognises the importance of aligning our emission reduction targets to Paris Agreement goals. This approach is known as ‘Science-Based’.

A project will be initiated together with TERRAVERA Foundation to model a structure to DOFs approach to gather scope one, two and tree emissions. This will provide DOF with a clearly defined pathway to reduce GHG emissions and align with Stakeholder expectations.

DOF will work close with students from the technical university, NTNU and the business university NHH. The students will be guided by various professor within the area in close cooperation with DOF and TERRAVERA. The objective of the project is to build a model that is suitable for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

DOF has formed a strategic alliance with Kongsberg Maritime Group to align efforts in reaching science-based targets on executive level, for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. In this perspective, DOF scope 1 is scope 3 for Kongsberg Maritime Group, and vice versa.

Establishing Science-Based Targets shall provide a clear pathway towards Net-Zero.

Kai Thompson explains: - I believe the milestones we have achieved thus far have contributed towards a better understanding of DOF’s emissions;

  1. A model framework that can account for Scope 1 emissions – and possibly scope 2/3

  2. Decision-making framework that can contribute towards a more informed basis for choosing a vessel (i.e. Milestone 5).

The above is all very important for DOF in quantitatively understanding our emission footprint and taking a ‘science based’ approach to decarbonisation.

Current Project Status

TERRAVERA calculates through the software "Terralight" which is a user friendly interface.

DOF's Terralight site compares ghg emissions for DOF vessels for different indicators.The site consists of data values for the two datasets (in this case DOF vessels) you want to compare with eachother.

Data value example: number of hours the dof vessels are in transit mode or standby mode.

The site also consists of indicators that are calculated from these data values.

Indicator example: CO2 emissions per year for specified vessel.

The site also consists of a visualization of the entire value chain for a general DOF vessel.

All the indicators Terralight compare:

Indicators relevant for looking at emission (operation phase) per year:

CO2_emission_per_year ( kgCO2e / year )

Methane_emission_per_year ( kgCH4 / year )

Fuel_consumption_per_year ( kilogram / year )

Indicators relevant for looking at emission (operation phase) per project:











Terralight is dynamic, and it is easy to change data values and which DOF vessels to compare by clicking "start analysis" in the top corner, and then "recalculate indicators".

Link to the model will be available shortly.

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