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Empowering sustainable decisions

Terravera is a non-profit tech foundation -
a global collaboration platform for sustainability.

Our digital models empower organisations
to make more sustainable decisions.


What Terravera does

A global collaboration platform for sustainability

We aim to create a space where organisations can openly access, understand and compare the sustainability impact of decisions related to products, services and value chains.


We collaborate with our research partners to collect, analyse, verify and structure data about sustainability 

in our business partners' value chains. 

Partner projects with major nordic players within

The "bottom-up" approach

Context specific models -
better decisions

All data relevant to the sustainability decision is implemented in a digital model.

The output is new and context specific data and models, for better decisions about sustainability. 


Which indicator has the most effect on a decision?


What is the most sustainable between different alternatives? 

Manage (Scope3)

What are the drivers for sustainability in a value-chain?

Simulate (Scope 4)

What is the impact of new technologies or products?

How it works

A toolbox for sustainability

Terravera builds decision models for sustainability in organisations.

We connect organisations and their sustainability challenges with our academic partners, students and researchers.

TerraLight -

Analytics application

Skjermbilde 2024-04-02 kl. 13.19.52.png

We build digital decision models of sustainability challenges and complex value chains in a sharing platform.

TerraPortal -

Model building platform

Use cases

Bringing value to our 
50+ partner organisations

We work with organisations and value networks to accelerate the green transition. Our digital models for sustainability helps our partners with strategic decisions, and our platform enables sharing of insights and data. 


Quantify and verify - reduced emissions from anti-fouling protection in marine environments


Existing primary data

This can be data from our partner's operations , ERP systems and value chain, such as energy data, financial data or contracts. It can be research data or other publicly available information that can be verfied. 


General data

These are general, static data-sets that can be used for benchmarking towards our more specific, dynamic models. Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)  are examples.

Sustainability data

The basis for
good decisions

Our mission to create a global collaboration platform for sustainability depends on access to data from research, our business partners and other verified sources.


New secondary data

By combining primary and general data, and implementing it in our digital models, we create new and context specific data for our partners. This is a unique approach to quantifying and simulating the effect of sustainability decisions. 


New research

All models are ranked with a fidelity level, that indicates the accuracy of the model and data implemented.  If there are datasets of lower quality or a lack of research available, we help to generate new data and research through our academic partners.

Our purpose

sustainable decisions

We aim to collect all the world's knowledge about sustainability in a global collaboration platform. Our platform enables sharing and efficiency, while our digital models provide unique insights for companies in their strategic decisions.

Mobil- og nettannonsering

Connecting research and business

As a non-profit foundation, we are able to collaborate openly with academic and research partners, connecting them to businesses with real life sustainability dilemmas. Together, we create deeper sustainability insights, for all.


A Wikipedia for sustainability

Her kommer det noe fornuftig tekst.


Enabling technology for sustainability

Terravera was founded by tech experts from companies like Disruptive Technologies, Meltwater, Easee and Tibber. Using digital models and principles from Cybernetics in simulating the effect of sustainability decisions is a unique, precise and effective approach.


Objective and transparent

Terravera act as a neutral third party in helping organisations with their sustainability decisions. We collect, verify, analyse and enable safe sharing of data and models. For transparency, all models have a fidelity level, defining the accuracy and data quality. 

Our team


Elisabet Kjerstad Bøe



Tord Søfteland

Head of Product


Erik Færevaag

Initiator & Chairman of the Board


Svein-Roger Selle

Co-founder & Communications


Natalia A.Golis

Head of Strategic Partnerships


Andreas Jørgensen

Sustainability Modelling Lead


Paal Larsen

Initiator & Board Member


Tommy Olsen

Head of Business Program


Tobias Sjåfjell

Communications Manager


Bjørn Haugland

Initiator & Board Member

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