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A new standard for sustainability

"An absolutely essential read for companies, executives, and investors who are genuinely interested in bringing about transformational ESG change in their organizations and within society at large.", says Ioannis Ioannou, London Business School.

"A great book and blueprint for our transition to a more sustainable future.", says Rose Marcario, former CEO Patagonia.

This is how the new book "Sustainability, Technology and Science" by Herman Bril, Georg Kell and Andreas Rasche is being described. It sets a new standard for how companies and industries should integrate ESG. The book is now out for sale globally, and in it, there is a whole chapter about the Terravera Foundation, as the only case from the Nordic countries.

The book discusses the fast establishing of new connections between sustainability, finance and technology through science. It is remarkable that Terravera Foundation is being mentioned as one of the fifteen transformative initiatives for change globally.

"This is fantastic news for Terravera" says Chairman of The Board at Terravera, Erik Færevaag.

"The chapter discussing Terravera, tells us how start-ups will play an absolute game changing role in the understanding of real sustainability. Terravera is a solution that can make a difference, because the platform is open source and available to everyone. The way Terravera work gives us a profoundly better understanding of the current reality through numbers and modelling through societal cybernetics. This is exactly what we need to make better decisions for the future." says Ole Reinert Berg-Olsen, Managing Director of Terravera Foundation.

One of the authors, Georg Kell, founder of UN Global Compact has the following to say about Terravera. "Never before in our history have we had so many choices. And never before has the pressure to change course been bigger. The way we respond will define our future. It looks like Terravera is up to something really important."

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About the Editors:

Herman Bril is Managing Director & Head of Responsible Investment at PSP Investments. He has 30 years of experience in international financial institutions across investment management, derivatives trading, treasury, and development finance. Georg Kell is Chairman of Arabesque, a technology company that uses AI and big data to assess sustainability performance, and Chairman of the Volkswagen Sustainability Council. Georg founded the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. He also oversaw the launch of the PRI, PRME, and SSE. Andreas Rasche is Professor of Business in Society at the Centre for Sustainability at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and Associate Dean for the CBS Full-Time MBA program. He has authored more than 60 academic articles in top international journals and published various cases on topics related to ESG and corporate sustainability.


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